As part of our offer, we offer you extensive support for the investment process and comprehensive investment service. Designing halls, industrial facilities, commercial facilities and public utility facilities is our specialty. We also undertake designing residential and apartment buildings, which means that we are able to carry out almost any type of order in a wide range. According to our motto, an architect is not only a designer, but also an advisor, coordinator and specialist in the management of the design process. We have the experience and necessary knowledge to prepare the investment, starting from support at the stage of selecting the property for the investment, through obtaining all the necessary materials and determining the investment opportunities, but also the risks and threats. In the course of cooperation, we are guided by the Investor’s good, we analyze his needs and confront them with applicable regulations and possibilities. We indicate the optimal form of investment by analyzing various factors.

We also have extensive experience in implementation, not only resulting from the implementation of author’s supervision, but also participation in investment processes as an investment coordinator or deputy. We cooperate with experienced specialists and industry designers and coordinate their work. In our portfolio you will find projects of halls and industrial facilities, as well as projects of commercial and residential buildings – we invite you to familiarize yourself with and cooperate.


The reason why most people think about the future with fear instead of excitement is because they don’t have a well-designed future.”


Jim Rohn

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