We analyze the possibility of investing real estate for a specific investment. In this regard, we analyze the provisions of the local plan, and if it is not available, we can obtain building conditions. We define the technical capabilities of communication services, utilities, collisions and other threats resulting from the location of the property and neighborhood. We examine the investment’s impact on the environment, analyze soil and water conditions and others depending on the specificity of the investment and circumstances.



We make conceptual studies, which are the basis for our work. Already at this stage, we are looking for the best design solutions, we analyze the function, fire conditions and conditions resulting from health and safety and other regulations, and propose a form of development. This is a very important stage in the design process, because it allows you to estimate most of the main investment parameters, such as areas, interrelationships between individual facilities, communication services and utilities, fire protection requirements with an analysis of the possibilities in this regard. On the basis of the concept, it is also possible to determine the estimated value of the investment.



We develop, in cooperation with specialists from individual industries, complete documentation and materials necessary to carry out the design process (maps for design purposes, maps and descriptions from the land register, geological studies) and we obtain the necessary preliminary documents (building conditions, technical conditions, decisions – environmental, water law, etc.).



We prepare complete architectural and construction projects together with land development, arrangements and opinions, along with obtaining a building permit for the Investor.



We prepare tender documentation both at the stage of concept as well as architectural and construction projects. Depending on the stage at which the investor decides to start cooperation with the contractor and what type of investment he will adopt, we develop tender documentation to select a contractor or contractors for the investment. The tender documentation may be prepared based on the concept, construction design or as a supplement to the complete construction and executive documentation. A well-prepared and completely prepared tender documentation, especially prepared on the basis of conceptual studies, will allow you to obtain offers from contractors that can be compared with each other, and at the implementation stage will ensure its efficient and conflict-free conduct for the parties to the process.


Development of detailed and technical designs

We carry out complete studies in the above-mentioned scope or deal with the development of documentation in the architectural industry along with multi-discipline coordination. We carry out such studies both for our own projects and for the construction projects entrusted to us, developed by other offices, provided that the copyright in this area is transferred by these offices.


Author’s supervision, coordination of investments and investment deputy

We perform author’s supervision for the projects we develop, we also take on the role of investment coordinator and investment replacement in the case of bundling investment scopes. This is the case when we prepare project documentation, at least in the scope of the construction project. We then prepare tender documentation, including staging, and prepare inquiries for the Investor, on the basis of which we select contractors for individual stages and scopes of investments. In this case, we accompany the Investor until the completion of the investment, its settlement and commissioning.


As-built service

We provide support and advice to our Investors also after the completion of the investment. During their use, buildings “live” with the progress of time, changes in regulations, and the development of our Investors. Consultations on the possibility of changing previously adopted solutions, extending, reconstructing or changing the use of facilities are often necessary. We archive all documents and documentation, thanks to which our clients can always, even after years, turn to us for support in all matters related to the buildings we design.


Other studies

We also make other additional studies, such as interior design for our projects or preparation of design visualizations. We have modern equipment and constantly updated software that allow us to develop projects in 3D BIM standards. We are also ready to provide support in certifying facilities for BREAM or LEED standards.

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