TELESKOP steel structure production plant in Kostrzyn on the Oder

INVESTOR: Grupa TELEMOND: TELESKOP Sp. z o.o., MONTEL Sp. z o.o., HENSCHEL Sp. z o.o.
DESIGN: 2011/2012
EXECUTED: 2012/2013
AREA: 1.500 m2



  • concept
  • building permit design
  • detailed design


The TELEMOND Group has been our regular customer since 2012. We started our cooperation on the reconstruction of the halls and social and office parts, including the construction of the entire social and sanitary complex for the constantly expanding group of companies in Kostrzyn on the Oder. We also designed new halls to accompany the existing plant. As a result of good cooperation, the group entrusted us with further design tasks. The design tasks entrusted to us concerned in particular the adaptation, extension and reconstruction of the existing plant. The extension of the facility included the addition to the existing hall of a social and office building, connected to the existing hall by a passage on the ground floor.

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